Melons in the Sun

Melons in the Sun

Melons in the Sun

We have joy. We have fun. We have Katie Thornton‘s melons in the sun. It’s a beautiful day, and Katie heads outdoors for a snack, bringing along her picnic basket of watermelons. On her blanket, Katie quickly sheds her clothes, except for her go-go boots. In our opinion. It’s nice to get Katie outdoors and under the sun, naked as nature intended.

BigTitKatieThornton: How did you find out about The SCORE Group?

Katie: I was following you on Twitter, and you contacted me and asked me if I would fly out to Prague to shoot.

BigTitKatieThornton: We hear you’re into kinky stuff.

Katie: I’ve really gotten into bondage and fetish. Being tied up and helpless. I love it.

BigTitKatieThornton: What was your kinkiest sexual encounter?

Katie: I think it was on a beach in front of everyone in Spain.

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