Not Your Dad’s Farmer’s Daughter

Not Your Dad’s Farmer’s Daughter

Not Your Dad's Farmer's Daughter

Definitely not your dad’s farmer’s daughter, Katie Thornton is a 21st century farmer’s daughter, at least in this scene. Katie tries her hand at some chores, strips naked and resumes her labors, stacking up enough hard wood to last the winter. Outdoors or indoors, Katie is a dream girl.

“I love being complimented on my smile and obviously my boobs,” Katie says. “The worst is when people say my boobs are too big! Really!” No worries, Katie. Ignore the trolls and the breast haters. We love your boobs.

If Katie could become invisible, what would she do?

“I’d check out everyone who I think is hot and see what they look like naked and take lots of pictures!” Sounds like a plan.

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