In the dressing room with Renee

In the dressing room with Renee

“In school, I don’t think anyone even knew what my face looked like,” Renee said. That must be an exaggeration because Renee has a beautiful face.

“I think all they knew about me was my big boobs. I was actually a cheerleader. I even did gymnastics at one point, but I had to quit because of my boobs. I couldn’t do any of the moves because my boobs had become too big. But I did play softball all through school.

“I was the girl with the biggest boobs on the cheerleader squad. Sometimes I would jump around and my boobs would pop out. I couldn’t even find a sports bra that fit!”

Here, Renee tries to find a bra that will fit. She’s in a mirrored dressing room, so we get twice the views of her bodacious body. As bra shows go, this is one of the best we’ve ever shot. Very intimate, very close-in. But by the time the last bra comes off, Renee is super-horny, so she lies back and fucks her tits and pussy with a dildo.

So now you know what really goes on in the women’s dressing room.

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